Ruska, Ruska, Ruska!

21 08 2010

So all you’ve been getting is the odd bits and bobs of reports from the show right? Well, we’ve been settling into Edinburgh which has so far involved:

– Making baltic folk songs

– Shiatsu

– Beatbox here and there

– Rehearsals

– Bebop at a speakeasy

– Creating animation to a lullaby

– Seeing a man’s testicle….

We’ve also realised that it doesn’t matter where johnny sits when we go to see a show. He’s been subjected to insults from rude comedians, been called an octopus, had banana skin, bran flakes and olives thrown at him….but Thursday night he was on the front row and though he was almost forced to handcuff himself to the performer, which he politely declined (see first photo below), it seems he managed to escape the treatment dealt out to Jacob pictured below……it’s Nutella, just so you know 🙂

As requested, I’m going to try get some one stage action, especially our improvised fight scenes which went down very well! It’s great chatting but we’re gona go see a puppet show so I’ll see you later – Steve


Adventures of Meerkat Boy…

21 08 2010

Thursday night saw our Superhero ‘Meerkat Boy’ (played by Steve) defeat the villain ‘The Deadly Hello’ (played by Alex).

‘Sam’ started his new job at the village Post Office after leaving his job at Greggs pastie shop. Little did he know that his life would change forever when not only does he meet the love of his life ‘Vanessa’ (played by Steph) but he is attacked by Meerkats transforming into ‘Meerkat Boy’!

Here’s a song to capture the mood of the show, we hope you like it

The amazing spitting henchman….

21 08 2010

Wednesday Nights Delights! The one with the spitting henchman (that has no name)

Cheesy first night!

18 08 2010

Those of you that have been awaiting a SuperHero Impro update! Here is one from our first night, where Jacob gives us the low-down about the superhero and villain, all suggested by the wonderful audience. The hero, ‘Dairy Man’ (played by Johnny) was very Krafty in defeating the villain ‘Dr Scholl’s’ (played by American Jacob).

Highlights: There was an action packed chaise scene, where DairyMan used butter to slip up Dr Scholl’s and dairy lea cheese slices were flying everywhere!

Feeding time at the Superhero Zoo.

18 08 2010

Here’s the crew eating a delicious meal of ‘doubled glazed’ salmon, lovingly prepared by Steph and Johnny. Grace was read by Steve and Jacob.

Rehearsal Cam Goes Live…Kinda!

9 08 2010

Sometimes fighting evil is a necessary evil and that’s exactly what we got up to during rehearsals at the Rag Factory today! Steve


28 07 2010